Saturday, January 29, 2011

1st Entry On 2011

Salam 'alaik....
wah..dah lama saya tak meng'update' blog ni...bukan sengaja tak tidak mempunyai masa kelapangan untuk update..hanya setakat lalu sahaja kt blog ni..kadang2 idea nk tulis tu xde..huhu..anyway..2011 is the year for the beginning of my new new life with new friend and new environment..and new money also la..hihihi..till now, I've been working as a teacher around 4 weeks approximately..1 month la..actually..I've been posting on 22 Nov 2010 but I start working on Jan this year..the 1st month was really a class teacher for form 1 was really busy..busy with the new students..students come in and out of my class..transfer to the other class..transfer to the other school..their SPBT...their attendance..and so on...a lot of work to do..1st month also is the month of school meeting...kurikulum meeting..kelab guru many meeting la..haiyooo...feel like my head going to explode...huhu..but..whatever it is..I need to make myself comfortable with it...a lots of thing I'll learn that I never know and never done before..I can do it..yeah! is true?..hahaha..I'm going insane..ignore it..lalala~

next week..Chinese New Year's time to rest..but I'm not sure coz I need to analyze students TOV for physics...then make a target for students..oh God..I never know how to do this thing..thanks to k.marina for giving me the software to make my work easier..and the other important thing is my orientation report...I haven't done anything yet larr..hohoho..I'm going insane again and again..the other work is waiting for me..felt ask me to send her the sample of felt craft..2 design..she ask me to send the step how to do it..or in the other word she wants a starter kit..she wants to try by herself 1st before she teach her students for their project...I'll try my best to prepare it for for asking me to do it love u!..hehehe...

hmmm...I feel a little bit weird...yeah...I'd realized that I type this entry not in bahasa..huhu..why ya..please don't laugh...with my broken English...still lack of vocabulary...just use the simple word...for sure the grammar sah tunggang terbalik's ok least I try to do it..yeah..JUST DO IT! (NIKE) :D

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